4 Benefits To Investing In An Automobile With A Diesel Powered Engine

Thanks to advancements in technology, vehicles equipped with diesel engines are becoming more and more available. The biggest reason why someone hesitates to purchase a vehicle with a diesel engine is because of the price. Unfortunately, it is more expensive to manufacture a diesel powered vehicle than a gasoline powered vehicle. However, there are a lot of benefits to consider before letting the price tag stop you from considering a diesel powered automobile.

1. Diesel Engines Get Are Extremely Efficient  

Diesel engines are known for their incredible gas mileage. On average, a diesel engine gets 25 to 30 percent better gas mileage than a gasoline engine. A diesel engine is also at least that much more fuel efficient than a traditional gasoline-electric hybrid automobile as well. Diesel is able to deliver this incredible fuel efficiency because it is one of the most energy dense fuels on the market.

2. Diesel Engines Are More Reliable  

Did you know diesel engines do not have distributors or spark plugs? This means your diesel powered automobile will never need the ignition system to be tuned up. However, this does not mean you can just ignore all forms of auto maintenance. It requires a little less than a gasoline powered automobile does. You still need to check and change the oil as well as both the oil and fuel filter to keep the engine running smoothly. All diesel automobiles also come equipped with collection water separator bins that you will need to empty out manually.

Diesel powered engines operate differently than gasoline powered engines which allows them to have a longer lifespan in addition to making them easier to maintain. If you do not keep your diesel engine maintained the fuel injection system runs the risk of breaking down. When this happens, your automobile will require extensive and expensive auto repairs.

3. Less of a Fire Hazard   

Did you know diesel powered engines are less of a fire hazard than gasoline powered engines? This is because a spark cannot ignite diesel. Diesel can only be ignited when it combines with hot compressed air.

4. Incredible Torque

Diesel engines are designed to produce much greater torque than engines powered by any other fuel on the market. While a lot of drivers tend to care more about the horsepower of a vehicle, it is the torque of the vehicle that defines the vehicle's ability to accelerate and carry weight.

If you have the extra funding for it, the benefits of a diesel engine tend to outweigh the more expensive price tag so long as you keep up with your vehicle's maintenance. Contact a diesel garage, like Diesel Tech Truck Repair Ltd, for more information.