Drive Carefully To Avoid Wear And Tear On Your Brakes This Winter

Winter brings the return of icy roads and hazardous driving conditions. This is a time of year where it's helpful to drive slower than normal, but you still might be put into some situations where you need to quickly slam on your brakes. If you want to avoid extra wear and tear on your brakes this winter season, keep the following tips in mind.

Avoid Accelerating Quickly

When the roads are icy out, it's a good idea to be patient every time you start moving again from a complete stop. Gently nudge the gas pedal down when moving out of a stop sign or a red light. If you accelerate too fast, you increase the chances of your car slipping or skidding on the ice and then you might need to hit the brakes to just get yourself under control again. The more times you lose control this winter, the harder your brakes will have to work to keep you from sliding into an accident.

Give the Car Ahead of You Lots of Room

Another consideration is that ice and snow can make your car take longer to come to a complete stop, especially if you do start to slide a bit because of the conditions. Whenever possible, try to leave a good amount of space between your vehicle and the car that is ahead of you. This will prevent you from having to slam hard on the brakes as you approach a stopped vehicle or red light, and it's just generally a safe driving practice to follow all year round. Also, consider that suddenly slamming on your brakes during icy conditions, might actually do more harm than good and cause you to temporarily lose control of the vehicle, so stay diligent out there.

A Pre- or Early Winter Inspection Can Help

If you want to make sure your vehicle goes into the upcoming season ready to deal with the hazardous roads, it can't hurt to take your car to an automotive shop for an inspection. If you are concerned about your brakes in particular, a brake repair shop would be ideal. You can get the inspection you need and consider getting new brake pads or any other parts that might be necessary to ensure a safe winter of driving for you and your family.

Contact brake repair shops like Heritage Auto Pro to schedule an appointment today. Even if winter is already underway, there's no bad time for a brake inspection