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Four Ways To Avoid Rust While Waiting For An Auto Repair

Even minor auto body damage can become a major problem if it begins to rust. Whether you are saving up for a repair or waiting for an insurance settlement, you need to take some steps to avoid the damage from becoming worse. The following guide can help you minimize the chances for rust while you are waiting for your repair at a shop like Freeway Auto Body Ltd. Tip #1: Wash Often Read More 

Preventative Car Maintenance: 3 Important Services You Can’t Afford To Overlook

When it comes to truly getting the most out of your vehicle, preventative maintenance is king. Through the use of preventative maintenance services, it is possible to reduce the frequency of your repairs, ensure your vehicle is safe to drive, and ultimately minimize the cost of operating your vehicle. The problem is, with so many different maintenance services and recommendations out there, it can often be difficult for vehicle owners to know exactly what services they really require and which are simply designed to help separate them from their hard earned money. Read More 

How To Replace A Dirty Air Filter

Clean air is just as important as the fuel that you put into the car. The air filter is a simple cold air collector box made of cotton or paper that is installed under the hood to keep dust, dirt and other contaminants out of the engine. A dirty air filter is unable to keep the clean air flowing smoothly through the engine to allow it to operate at maximum efficiency. Read More